So hang on... Where was all the amazing big budget Sci fi through the 90s? Cos big budget superhero movies didn't really become a thing until X-Men in 2000, and I seem to recall most of the decade before that being shitty Roland Emmerich movies. Where were all the classics you seem to think are going to suddenly… » 3/02/15 12:17pm 12 minutes ago

No, American Psycho 2 is the least necessary sequel of all time, closely followed by S. Darko. Those are the current winners purely by dint of existing and being even worse than you'd imagined. Blade Runner 2 MIGHT reach those lofty heights, providing it actually happens and is as pointless and redundant as it likely… » 3/02/15 9:13am Today 9:13am

Is the point of Multiversity not sort of Morrison putting his own spin on some notable moments in comic book history? I mean, Pax Americana was basically the same thing you're saying about Red Son, but with Watchmen as the subject. Morrison has hardly been shy about that. It's not so much a rip off as an examination… » 2/27/15 8:01pm Friday 8:01pm

I dunno man... There's something about their style I find weirdly fascinating. Like you have these two people who seem to be turning themselves into these weird cartoons of human beings. Half the time when I see a photo of them I can't tell if it's a photo or a drawing. » 2/26/15 5:14pm Thursday 5:14pm

DBZ Abridged pretty much killed the original show for me forever. In my head, those are the voices and personalities of the main cast, and I just can't go back to the original show anymore and not be constantly mentally replacing the dialogue with DBZA jokes. » 2/26/15 8:04pm Thursday 8:04pm

This was great. Any chance you could take on "how dare you criticise this game/movie/book? Have you even even programmed a game/directed a movie/written a book? Then who are you to say it's bad? I'd like to see you do better!" next? » 2/04/15 7:48pm 2/04/15 7:48pm

Totally the wrong book to start with. It's good, but really very unrepresentative of the series as a whole. Start with Player of Games or Use of Weapons. Surface Detail also works pretty well as a general introduction, but it was written much later and it maybe kinds works a little better if you've already got some… » 1/26/15 9:28pm 1/26/15 9:28pm