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I always loved that he was such a huge Legend of Zelda fan, he named his daughter Zelda. As a lifelong Nintendo fan who grew up during a period where Nintendo was becoming desperately uncool, it was so amazing to discover that even a huge star could be a geek like me. » 8/11/14 6:33pm 8/11/14 6:33pm

I'm still stunned that Aronofsky refuses to acknowledge the debt Black Swan owes to Perfect Blue, especially since he bought the fucking rights to make a live action version of it just so he could recreate one shot from it in Requiem For A Dream. Absolutely boggles my mind. I suppose that's what a decade of success… » 8/04/14 10:49am 8/04/14 10:49am

The very simple reason is that if you're allowing those morals to dictate your policy, often in opposition of facts and evidence, then you're basically imposing those beliefs on an entire nation. You say everyone is entitled to their beliefs, fair enough. But I can't simply opt out of laws that clash with mine. Saying… » 7/21/14 1:49pm 7/21/14 1:49pm

Umm, I've met a bunch of guys from punk bands at one time or another, but the absolute coolest was Ken Casey of the Dropkick Murphys. I was at a gig with my wife and a friend. My wife is disabled, and the accessible seating area in this particular venue was up on that balcony, which wasn't open to the general public… » 7/21/14 11:16am 7/21/14 11:16am

I'd put actual money on one of them being Inhumans. Kevin Feige mentioned a couple of years ago that it was either that or GotG for the new phase two team franchise, so you can bet your ass they've still got that one up their sleeve. Add to the fact that Inhuman is a good bet for whatever Skye from AoS is, and it's… » 7/20/14 9:44am 7/20/14 9:44am